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Why Writing Your Dreams Immediately Upon Waking is Important

Have you ever had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night with a dream so memorable, that you thought you would never forget it, only to awake in the morning and it was gone? ­Every time this happens to me, I find myself feeling like something is missing in my day,…

How To Work With Dream Settings

One of the many ways to work with dreams is to pay attention to your dream settings, meaning the places you find yourself in during the dream itself. Settings can give you important clues when trying to understand the dreams meaning. Dream settings give us the ability to see where we are in our life,…

The Benefits of Tending to Our Dreams

At the age of 15, I journaled my first dream, and ever since then, dreams have become a love and passion in my life. Over the years of doing dreamwork, I have learned why it is so important for us to tend to and listen to our dreams, and to make them a part of our…

Dreams of Celebrity Actors and Actresses – What do they Mean?

Actors are frequently recognized as the embodiment of these archetypal energies or recurring character types who have starred in story after story throughout the human experience just as they have for millennia. If the person we watched on the screen resonates with something happening in our life, consciously or unconsciously, we might dream of them or their character.

Choosing Your Dream Journal

Choosing a dream journal that we enjoy looking at and writing in, we are also setting an intention to remember our dreams by showing our unconscious mind that our dreams are important to us.