It sounds a little odd since dreams happen when we’re asleep, right?  So why would you want them to help you stay awake? Let me explain.

Whenever a person commits to their dream life and begins to work with their night time dreams, something else begins to happen.  We become much more in tune with ourselves because dreams create a self reflective mindset by nature.  When we journal and build a relationship with our dreams, we do so with the intent to connect with ourselves on a deeper level in order to gain insight, get answers, and receive guidance.  We begin to notice similarities, recurring images or scenarios, giving us an idea of what they may be revealing.  We see areas where we may be stuck, places where our true thoughts and feelings about someone or something may be far different then we allow ourselves to acknowledge. We get ideas for new ways of doing things or prompting us to take action on behalf of something bigger than ourselves.

Because of the mindfulness required to paying attention to ones dreams, they ultimately help us to be more conscious and awake individuals.

If you are a person who is on a personal journey to self awareness, then incorporating dream work into your daily life can be just as important as eating healthy, exercising, taking time for meditation, or whatever it is that helps you stay balanced and connected.

In fact, committing to your dream life will also speed up the process because it will point things out to you that you may not even be aware of, therefore, giving you the opportunity to take appropriate action.

Having spent the past 30 years working with my own dreams, I find I listen deeper, I see clearer and my intuition is heightened.

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