Dreams are one of the ways in which we can live more purposeful lives. By paying attention to our nightly dreams, we receive guidance and information that helps us to live a more deliberate life by pointing us towards more conscious choices.

As a dream worker, I am always encouraging people to journal their dreams. But did you know that choosing your journal is also a really important part of the process?

Here’s why, by choosing a dream journal that we enjoy looking at and writing in, we are also setting an intention to remember our dreams by showing our unconscious mind that our dreams are important to us.

Over the years I have seen all kinds of dream journals, everything from simple notebooks to elaborate leather bound pages.  So find something that resonates with you just for writing down your dreams. Personally, I also use a pen that is just for writing my dreams out by hand.

In addition, you can customize your journal by doing things like:

  • Writing the dream using colored pens and pencils
  • Adding pictures or photographs to your dream journal
  • Drawing dream images throughout your journal
  • Adhering special items to the pages that have something to do with the dream
  • Creating collages on a page to represent an entire dream

You can create your journal however you want, there are no rules or right ways to do this. This is your dream journal, so make it something you enjoy.

By creating a sacred place for our dreams, we invite the opportunity to connect with the invisible world and access information that we may not otherwise be conscious of.