As I’m sure many of you know, I enjoy writing articles that allow us to view life through another perspective, one that expands our thinking and allows us to see opportunities and open doors where we may not have seen them before.

Disappointment is one of these opportunities.  It’s so common to hear people say that life is full of disappointments and you just have to learn to deal with them.

Is it possible, however, that held within every disappointment is a blessing in disguise masked by the cloak of expectation?  It is after all just a belief about what we think should have happened but didn’t.  Maybe you didn’t get the job you were hoping for, perhaps a romantic interest you had turned out to be unavailable or uninterested.  Or maybe it’s something as simple as not getting to a theater in time to see that movie you were so interested in.  Regardless of what the disappointment is, if you were to look at life believing that there is no such thing as an accident, and trusted that a better scenario was working its way towards us in order to bring us closer to what we truly want, then there couldn’t be disappointments.

When we change our mind about that which has disappointed us and view it through the lens of opportunity, everything changes.  We are no longer victim to circumstance, but believers in the beauty of life.

Neale Donald Walsch says it wonderfully, “Disappointment is temporary.  Change your mind about what has disappointed you and you will change your life.  All disappointment is just advantage looked at from the other side.”

We have all been given the gift of choice, and that means choosing what and how to think. Next time you are faced with a situation that feels disappointing, just give this a try and see what might be directly on the other side because chances are, it’s so much better than you could have imaged. Just watch this month’s Motivational Video below to see a perfect example of turning disappointment into joy.

Turning disappointment into joy: From Service Dog to SURFice Dog