Are you having dreams of bridges, intersections, forks in the road or some other image that gets you from here to there?  If so, you might be in the midst of a transition, whether it’s a change in your job, your relationship, you may be getting married or divorced, buying a house, changing a belief system or any other multitude of changes you are faced with throughout your life.  Whether the change was initiated by you, or thrust upon you by the decisions of others (like a relationship break up or being laid off from your job), navigating through them can be challenging. 

However, your dreams are here to help you see possibilities and ways or working through situations that can truly support you as you move through them by providing information and guidance by the clues in the images.   Here are a few things to consider and ask yourself while working with your transition dreams:

  • Bridges; If you dream of a bridge, first look to see if you are already on it, or if it’s off in the distance and you are heading towards it. Notice what the state of the bridge is, for example, is it well built, sturdy and has a strong foundation, or is it broken, has holes it in, and has a weak foundation.  Are you are having trouble getting across it? And, where does it lead? Is there something or someone awaiting you on the other side?
  • Forks in the Road; Quite often a dream images of a fork-in-the-road appears when faced with a decision or choice in your life. Notice what else is happening in the dream that got you to this point, and try to get in touch with the feeling of each of the path’s presented.  Does one feel more comfortable, safer? Is one brighter and the other darker?  Notice what your options are and see what else might be coming up for you in the dream as you find yourself in this place of choosing between one or the other.
  • Intersections; If you dream of an intersection you may be finding yourself at a cross-roads in some area of your life. Helpful things to notice are, who is driving the vehicle?  Are there street signs or street lights? Are you flowing through the intersection or stuck in traffic?  Then, you can ask yourself, what does a Stop sign or a red light indicate in my dream? What about a green light?  Or there may be other signs like “Under Construction”, “Proceed with Caution” or “Detour”.  Pay attention to what is happening in and around the intersection to gain clues about what guidance the dream is providing you.

In addition, make it an ongoing practice of paying special attention to the details surrounding the transition place in your dream.  This can include things like what the weather like, the location, people in the dream and so forth.  Is stormy weather keeping you from proceeding forward?  Is the road blocked?  Do you run into a dead end?  Or is it smooth sailing?  These are all clues as to the dreams meaning for you at this time.

Dreams are constantly showing us where we’re at and how we are moving through life.  They also show us other possibilities or often suggest something we haven’t even considered to help us through difficult times.  So, keep paying attention to your dreams and allow them to guide you, you never know what awaits you right around the corner!