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Passionate about dreamwork since her early teens, Bambi has been journaling and working with her own dreams for over 35 years. She was trained and certified by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute in DreamTending. She has been a review editor for The Dream Network Magazine since 2005 and is a contributing author for the book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career along with experts including Tory Johnson, Laura DeCarlo, Brian Tracy and others. Bambi is a member of The Association for the Study of Dreams and is currently writing a book on her own innovative method of dreamwork which will teach people how to integrate dreams into their daily life as a practice in awareness and consciousness. Bambi is also a Life Coach and completed her life coaching certification through The Quantum Success Coaching Academy’s Certification Program in 2008.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life


As a child, there was a saying framed in our home that said, “Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” It took many years for me to completely understand what this

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life2011-05-24T18:20:13-07:00

How Dreaming Helps You Stay Awake


Whenever a person commits to their dream life and begins to work with their night time dreams, something else begins to happen. We become much more in tune with ourselves because dreams create a self reflective mindset by nature.

How Dreaming Helps You Stay Awake2012-12-06T19:12:26-07:00

We Are Always Broadcasting – A Simplified Look at the Law of Attraction


Trying to explain the Law of Attraction to people can sometimes be challenging, especially when we’re talking about vibrations and energy.  So, I came up with a very simple way of explaining this Universal Law

We Are Always Broadcasting – A Simplified Look at the Law of Attraction2011-05-25T15:15:05-07:00

Do I Have To? (The answer might surprise you!)


We are all faced with things we have to do all the time; it’s just part of life. But sometimes, it can feel a bit overwhelming and when it does, adding one more thing can

Do I Have To? (The answer might surprise you!)2018-05-04T10:42:25-07:00

What’s “Luck” Got to Do with It?


“Good luck!” I hear myself say to a friend the other day wishing her well on a project she’s completing.  But as soon as the words leave my mouth, I think to myself, “What’s luck

What’s “Luck” Got to Do with It?2011-05-25T15:22:48-07:00

Preparing Food with Love, an Exercise in Mindfulness


I love food.  I don’t mean that I love it a little…I mean I LOVE it a lot.  And, over the years, I have realized how something seemingly as simple as cooking can make all

Preparing Food with Love, an Exercise in Mindfulness2011-05-25T15:24:46-07:00

Transformation and Healing through Love


In a special room in my house, I have the following saying framed, “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I need it the most.”  I was deeply touched when I found

Transformation and Healing through Love2011-05-25T15:26:51-07:00

Is Bambi your REAL name?


I once received a letter from an Uncle stating that if I wanted to change my name, he would pay for it.  I was 16 at the time, and the idea of changing my name

Is Bambi your REAL name?2010-01-13T15:02:56-07:00
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