Everyone dreams. They are portals to our soul, connecting our conscious and unconscious selves. Think of it this way: Whatever we’re doing in the waking life, we’re also doing in our dream state. When we look at dreams and their relationship to our lives, we begin developing a relationship with the unconscious part of ourselves in order to enhance the work we’re doing in our waking hours.

By following this helpful guidance system, or internal navigation system, we can begin to make the changes we wish to make in order to change our life.

I will help you decipher the information and messages that present themselves in your dream so that you know what you should pay attention to. Tending to your dreams is about developing a relationship with this subtle energy.

Dreams show you that there is something else at work in your lives, something outside of your conscious mind, something possibly even outside of yourself completely, that calls to you, that presents itself, that gets your attention, in a way that nothing else can. Every one of us has been deeply affected by a dream during our lifetime, something that left us with a very strong emotional impression. These dreams are imparting wisdom that far exceed our daily, waking insights.

There are many modalities in which to work with dreams, all of them beneficial. I have studied many types of dreamwork and been trained and certified by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D. in his method of Dream Tending where instead of asking “What does this mean”, we question “Who Visits Now?” From a shifted perspective, we can engage dream images in a way that sets aside our need for interpretation allowing the image to introduce itself to us as if coming to us on its own behalf.

A note about Dr. Aizenstat: 
 He is a clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and the founding president of Pacifica Graduate Institute. For more than 35 years he has explored the power of dreams through the study of depth psychology and the pursuit of his own research. He has collaborated with many masters in the field, including Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson, and James Hillman; as well as native elders worldwide.

The mysterious nature of dreams have inspired so many to study and understand their presence and meaning that they are, in fact, considered a natural phenomena. Throughout history, dreams have been a source of guidance, mystery and divinity and though we may never know all the answers to dreams and dreaming, we do know that regardless of what they are or where they come from, dreams beckon to us to look within for answers.

Dreaming is a very personal experience. As your Coach, I will help you to make a conscious choice to connect with your higher self, through your dreams. Join with me.

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