Bambi in the Media

The Rotunda: Dare to Explore Your Dreams

with Scott Rotunda, 990WBOB

May 22, 2024

Have you ever experienced a vivid dream and woken up in a start not sure what it means? Have you had a dream that stuck out to you, but couldn't quite keep it in your memory after waking? Many of us, myself included, wonder what these dreams mean. Bambi Corso Steinmeyer, author of DreamTracking, is here in the third segment to give us some guidance on how we can track our dreams, understand them, and use them as vehicles to transform and improve our lives.

Ignition Path with Kyle Goodknight

May 4, 2024

In this episode, Kyle Goodknight and Bambi explore the intriguing world of dream tracking and interpretation. They delve into various cultural approaches to nightmares, discuss their business experiences, and unravel Bambi's unique business model. Bambi also introduces her book, shares her superpower, and emphasizes the importance of dream journaling.

Rediscover your Inner Smile and Energy:

Voices of Female Entrepreneurs

May, 2024

In this episode Esther Boevee introduces Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer, a Law of Attraction coach and author of 'Dream Tracking: Track Your Dreams and Transform Your Life.' Bambi shares her journey from working in corporate roles to following her passion for dream work.

Sacred Arts Academy with Jassy Jackson

January 4, 2024

Dreams, those enigmatic journeys of the mind, take center stage in today’s episode as we’re joined by the esteemed dream expert, author, and Law of Attraction Certified Coach, Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer.

The Dream Hub Podcast with Melissa Johnson

November 10, 2023

Join us as Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer unveils the magic and wisdom of dreams, offering a unique lens through which we can view our lives and our innermost selves. Whether you’re a long-time dream tracker or just beginning your journey, this episode promises to be a deep dive into the heart of dream exploration.

VoyageLA - LA's Local Stories

May 30, 2023

In this interview I discuss challenges and lessons I’ve learned along the way, how dreams inspired me to put up an owl box and ultimately co-found a local non-profit to help keep owls and wildlife safe from the effects of rodenticides.

Dream Power Radio with Debbie Spector Weisman

May 16, 2022

Dream expert Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer believes the same could be said about dreams. She maintains there are patterns in our dreams and that by tracking them carefully over time, we can reap the insights they give us. In her new book, DreamTracking: Track Your Dreams and Transform Your Life, she provides a pathway to help you understand the language of your dreams, gain greater insight into their meaning, and live a more authentic life.

Have You Met Podcast with Ben Sinclair

December 17, 2021

Bambi is a passionate lifelong dreamer, and certified Law of Attraction Coach. She’s been journaling and tracking her dreams since she was a teenager, and she tells us why it’s so beneficial to do so. She recently published the book DreamTracking: Track Your Dreams and Transform Your Life.

Virtual Authors Discussion, Chaucers Bookstore

October 14, 2021

Virtual Authors Discussion with Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer (DreamTracking), Lauren Schneider (Tarotpy: It’s All In The Cards) and Walter Berry (Drawn Into The Dream) with Chaucers Bookstore in Santa Barbara, CA.

More DreamTracking on The Dream Journal with Katherine Bell, KSQD Community Radio

July 17, 2021

Your dreams are always leaving clues for you to follow. Why not learn to track them? My guest Saturday is Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer who will be unveiling her newly published book, “DreamTracking: Track Your Dreams and Transform Your Life.”

Dreaming Healing with

Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos

May 18, 2021

Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer, Author and Dream Coach, discusses how to Dream Track with host Kat Kanavos on the Dreaming Healing on Dreamvisions7Radio/TV Network.

Spirituality Out Of The Closet

with Dan McCleskey

May 15, 2021

Join us as we discuss Bambi’s new book, DreamTracking covering subjects like dream tracking versus dream interpretation, receiving guidance in dreams, the importance of emotions in dreams and much more!

The Dreamers’ Den: Owl Feathers, Stilettos and Other Footprints to Track in Our Dreams

April 11, 2021

Do you track the details in your dreams? Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer talks with me about why to track the recurring details in our dreams. Those themes are like footprints left behind by the qualities moving through our dreamscape – and we’re well-served by following their trails.

World Awakenings Episode with Karl Gruber

October 30, 2020

Episode #32 of World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment features my first ever Dream Tracker guest, Bambi Corso. She teaches us how keeping a journal of your dreams & learning to understand their meanings can help create the life you really want. Doing so can also help you relieve the stress and chaos in your life caused by today’s fear-driven and divisive world-wide crisis.

Community Radio

The Dream Journal with Katherine Bell on KSQD

October 30, 2019

Listen as Katherine Bell interviews Bambi about her new book, DreamTracking. The Dream Journal originates from Santa Cruz as a weekly broadcast on community radio station 10-11am Saturday mornings Pacific time.

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