As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with life, with people, with the whys and why not’s of things. My curiosity led me to study all types of beliefs, teachings, cultures and spiritual aspects of being human. And now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

I am a practitioner of life, not simply a coach. I believe that each of us possesses the power to change. I did it; I know I can help you do it too.

I’ve learned many things in my life – including during my career in the professional world – the most important of which is to have passion. Whatever I have ever wanted, I’ve worked hard for; that sense of persistence and patience has stayed with me throughout my life. I always knew what I was passionate about. I wanted to inspire and guide people to blossom into the extraordinary people they came here to be, to guide them to their highest potential, spiritual well-being and wholeness. And though I wasn’t always sure how the life I wanted would manifest, I remained committed and never let go of that dream.

I also learned the power of inspiration, of following ones dreams and of creating a life that welcomes abundance. I have always been inspired to embrace the what is on the way to the what can be. I have welcomed curiosity, and I studied with those who incorporate universal laws and the wisdom of dreams in order to reach my own authentic life. My calling as a dreamworker is to teach people how to tap into this gift that we are all given and to utilize their dreams as a source of ongoing guidance, healing and transformation.

I am a Dream worker and a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

I believe in possibilities; in the power of change; and know that every individual has the ability to chart a different path simply by choosing an authentic life based on deliberate choices.

In my work, I use my training to help others open their minds to enhanced perspectives that support these changes, working to overcome limiting beliefs that may keep someone from manifesting the life they desire. I use my expertise in dreamwork to help support that mindset.

I have studied the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Carl Jung, James Hillman, Neale Donald Walsch, Marion Woodman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Martín Prechtel, Gregg Levoy and Jack Canfield; Krishnamurti, Gandhi, Kahlil Gibran, A Course in Miracles, Tara Singh, and so many more. I became a certified DreamTender through DreamTending, a clinical training program created by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, President of Pacifica Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. I’m a member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams (www.asdreams.org) and spent 9 years as a  review editor for The Dream Network Journal. I completed my Law of Attraction life coaching certification through The Quantum Success Coaching Academy’s Certification Program and also received my certification as a Tarotpy Practitioner through the Institute for Dreams and Tarotpy.  I am also a contributing author of the book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career. Click here to learn more.

Some of my passions are practicing yoga, meditation, healthy eating and overall fitness.  I love nature and animals and try to spend as much time as possible enjoying both.  I love to read, write, cook and practice random acts of kindness, and I love spending time with loved ones and making new friends.