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“For the last several months I have had the pleasure of working with Bambi Corso.

I had been struggling for quite some time with my professional and personal visions of what I wanted. I knew I needed to do deep inner work to get clear about my life visions and that I was going to need outside help to get that clarity. That is when I decided to work with Bambi.

Little did I know that I would be learning so much more.  Not only have I gained greater clarity about my dreams and aspirations, I have gained a new confidence have more courage.  I have learned to make positive changes and how to implement those changes to move forward with my life and my dreams.

Joy and passion have found their way back in my life thanks to Bambi’s help. Working with her is fun, enlightening and very profound all at the same time.

I cannot thank Bambi enough for all that she is doing for me.  I thank her for helping me find my stars!!!”

~ Diana Jacobs, Education Manager/Trainer, Denver, CO

“Bambi is an incredible guide who pays attention and follows up bringing her expertise to the table and delivering the goods.

She is the type of person who can tune into your situation because she is gifted with much insight and wisdom. Her approach and technique was very effective and I have felt the transformational effects working in my life since our session together.

I am completely impressed with her style, delivery and her passion for what she does. She is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with.”


~ Kathleen Lamoureux, CA

“Recently, I had an incredible 1st session with Bambi and it is already changing my life.  Bambi guided me thru some empowering questions that reframed my thought process and I immediately felt better.  I was able to pinpoint some key goals and objectives for me to accomplish in the near future.  Then Bambi led me thru an incredible breathing and meditation exercise, and this truly gave me clarity and focus, plus re-energized me to deal with some upcoming issues.  I already have renewed confidence.  It was noted that via coaching, people start coming to you to help, and new solutions appear almost magically.  I have found this to be personally true…as I operate with a renewed high energy level, people and circumstances seem drawn to me, and I am so much happier now, and excited about new possibilities!!

Breakthroughs are happening!  My stress has quickly dissolved, replaced with calm.  Thru books, people, etc., and the daily exercises Bambi taught me, events are now going my way!

I’ve also been thinking more about my dreams, another area that Bambi specializes in…and this has allowed me to reflect and take action in my life, with peace and confident expectation!  Thank you, Bambi!  I heartily endorse and recommend you to others looking to make positive changes in their lives!  I now pursue my business vision & personal aspirations with vigor & anticipation.  Life can be grand!  Let Bambi help show you the way…”

~ Roy Krymis, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

“Working with Bambi is a very calming experience.  I found Bambi to be full of warmth and understanding of the issues I was having.

She gave me a whole new way to look at my life and the things I want to achieve for the future.  She showed me that I have even more to be grateful for than I thought I already had. The laws of attraction really work and Bambi is most definitely the person to show you how to attract all of the things in life you desire.

As a Fitness Professional I love what I do.  Working with Bambi has given me even more motivation and something wonderful I can share with my clients too.”

~ Gigi Gregory

I met Bambi a few years ago through our Law of Attraction Certification.  I really admire her coaching style and ability to drill into your current processes to identify where you are in your life and helping one gain clarity and solutions to their life’s questions. Bambi uses her unique training in both the Law of Attraction and dreamwork to help you get to the next level and open your mind to seeing the ”what if’s’ and the ‘yes I can do that’!

Bambi has helped me both as a coach and online business manager – taking my businesses to the next level and beyond.  I honestly would not have aspired to the next level and would not have been able to achieve those BIG ah ha moments without her coaching.

I wholeheartedly recommend Bambi and suggest that you consider at least a 3-month coaching package.  She is down to earth, honest, capable and creative.  It has been a pleasure knowing and working with her.

~ Phillis Benson, Certified Life Strategist ~ Inspired Life Coach

“I have been associated with Bambi Corso for 12 years and have always known her to be an insightful person.

Since she began her journey to empower people, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with her on several occasions.  Each time, I come away with an awareness that had gone unrecognized until that time.  Bambi has the gift of listening and then processing what she hears in order to best serve the person she is working with.

I look forward to many more opportunities to benefit from her gifts.”

~ Susan Knox, Charlotte, NC

“My experience with Bambi Corso has been that of healing on many levels by way of her ability to get me to reach beyond my normal places of reason and think outside of my own box so to speak. She has helped to make me aware of the tools that I am already equipped with and how to better utilize them in combination with outside materials when applicable.

Bambi is a tremendous sounding board in the sense that she listens deeply and hears things that one often can’t hear themselves and she reflects observation with honesty but without judgment.

I have experienced leaps and bounds of personal growth since consulting with Bambi and am getting better at recognizing potential blocks to prosperous opportunities and proactively taking control of what I once thought was just the way things were. Thank you Bambi!”

~ Matt Rodela, Musician

“Bambi Corso has literally changed my life! I was really to the point that I could not see how my present situation would change, based on my current approach to my life.

I was most fortunate to have found her and I began to understand how my life could change in so many ways. The doors opened for me and I began to look at situations differently, and none of the sessions were hard work, they fit into my life so easily.

I highly recommend Bambi Corso to those of you who really want to see significant changes in your life outlook.”

~ Ralph Priest, Retail Store Owner, Tehachapi, CA

“Bambi has been wonderful in guiding me to see my true goals and potential and helping me to release and redirect my fears.

Through her wonderful skills I have been able to have a clearer focus and have learned tools to help me continue raising my vibrations.  Every day I utilize her teachings and am seeing great progress.

I highly recommend Bambi as a mentor.”

~ Gina Nielsen, Project Manager, California

“Bambi has helped me understand and use tools like the Law of Attraction to literally change my life. I realized that I was getting in the way of what I truly desired by how I think about things. In just three or four sessions, I began seeing the power of the universal laws in action in my life.

I have felt changes in my financial abundance, in my personal feelings of happiness as well as a renewed sense of contentment with my life. Thanks Bambi – you’ve changed me for the better!”

~ Deb Nelson, Richfield, MN

“You are amazing, you made it possible for me to see things I was missing or wasn’t putting together.  You helped me to focus and become clear on some very important issues in my life.  I always felt more hopeful and at peace after our sessions.

This is your calling.  I know you make a difference in many lives as you have in mine.  Thank you!”

~ Shima Lara, CA

“I’d like to start off by saying that Bambi has been a dear friend of mine for over 20 years and knowing her has honestly made me a better person today. Growing up wasn’t easy and I can remember many conversations with her about my direction. She has helped me work through big life choices and problems I’ve encountered in relationships. She has been there for me and her way of thinking is simply exceptional.

I’ve never met anyone like her before and when she told me she wanted to empower and support others along their journey I knew it had been her calling for some time, probably all of her life.

I know, without a doubt, the people she will work with will benefit greatly and will have the same peaceful, easing, trusting feeling that comes from her. If there were only more like her.”

~ James P., Newbury Park, CA

“I have always been blessed with the ability to attract things into my life, but never knew that there was a name or a “Law” that governed what seemed to happen for me naturally.  I did not know that it was something that I was doing that caused things to show up or happen.

One evening while going through my emails I must have opened something that allowed me to enter a contest when I ordered a book.  I don’t know why I would have ordered the book, yet it showed up at my house and then, I received a notice that I was the winner of “10 Free Sessions with a Law of Attraction Expert”.  At first I thought everyone that ordered a book received the sessions.  I went back to look over the different prizes offered, and there was only one winner – ME!

I received an email from Bambi Corso congratulating me and we set the stage for my new adventure.

Each session with Bambi was revealing, healing, insightful and powerful.  Bambi has a “magical” nature that brings out what “needs” to come out, so that any blocks can be removed to allow the energy to flow freely.

I never understood the value of having this kind of support and after working with Bambi, I am now a believer that it really works.  I was so impressed with all the areas of my life that were touched and transformed by our sessions and I look forward to a continued relationship so that I can “fine tune” my energy.”

~ Judy Wilson, Canyon Lake, CA