Dreams and Synchronicities

“Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible.” ~Rumi

Whether you are in alignment with life and going with its flow, or out of alignment and paddling against it, synchronicities and serendipitous events still happen in your dreaming and waking world. Have you ever dreamed something only to have some image from the dream appear in waking life? Such events are what the Law of Attraction attributes to the phenomenon of “like attracting like”, where you experience coincidences that are “like” what you are feeling and also what you are dreaming. They are life’s feedback from the invisible world sending you signs which could otherwise be missed if you are not in the practice of writing down your dreams.  

There have been countless times when I have held a dream in my mind throughout the day, and an image or something from the dream will appear in my waking life. Sure I could dismiss it to chance, but I don’t believe in accidents so I view this as confirmation that there is something important about the dream that I need to hold close to me in the coming days. It could be anything from seeing the same type of animal that visited in your dream to hearing a song on the radio that speaks to exactly what your dream was about. Perhaps you overhear a conversation and it directly correlates to your dream last night or the person in your dream calls you saying they have been thinking about you. These synchronicities appear as images or events that connect with your dream and appear as something that holds meaning to you.

For example, in 1998, when I was enrolled in Dr. Stephen Aizenstats’ DreamTending certification program, I started dreaming of hawks and owls. They became my night time guides and guardians, appearing when I was in the process of making important decisions in my life. When I saw them in my dreams, I was always filled with excitement. Sometimes it was their feathers I would find in my dreams, and like a treasure hunt, I would collect them with giddy elation. Regardless of how they showed up in my dreams, this quality of mystery and wonderment made me feel like they were indeed messengers here to assist me.

After I had a few dreams about them, I went for a walk in nature, contemplating the visitations of my dream hawk and owl, and I found both a hawk and an owl feather on the ground, not far from each other. It was as if they had been placed there just for me to find, and in my heart I immediately knew this was confirmation of what I had been feeling; that there is a bigger presence at work in my life and I need to trust these events as confirmation that the two worlds, the invisible, and the visible, both need my attention. To this day, I still find hawk and owl feathers during important times in my life.

Dreams and synchronicities happen often as one world informs the other and leaves signs and clues for you to follow. Part of the fascination of dreamwork is watching to see where the visible and invisible worlds intersect in your life, and then to stop, just long enough, to allow yourself to feel the awe and wonder of the unknown. Dreams have the ability to pierce the veil between worlds, drawing them together through synchronistic happenstances.

Do you have a dream synchronicity to share? Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear about it.


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