What is a Life Coach?
Life Coaching is a trusting, confidential and powerful partnership designed to help you identify and transform areas in your life that are calling to you for change. A life coach will help you identify and transform areas in your life that are calling to you for change.  A coach partners with you in order to resolve personal, emotional, behavioral, spiritual and lifestyle issues with the ultimate goal being to help each individual to develop internal and external structures that help them achieve success and to increase their potential by expanding their sense of what is possible. Coaches encourage individuals to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge that will help them develop action plans to meet goals. In the coaching process coaches are seen as collaborators that work with the individual by tackling obstacles such as time management, organization, problem solving and navigating through the learning curve by using support, encouragement, teaching skills and goal setting. Ultimately, coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. Please click here to read my full article on What Exactly is a Life Coach?

What happens in a Life coaching session?
Each session lasts 45 to 60 minutes and all coaching is done over the telephone. Prior to beginning your sessions, you are required to complete a “Pre-Session Questionnaire” and sign a “Coaching Agreement Contract.” During our first call we will spend time discussing where you are in your life and clarifying where you want to go as well as the types of changes you desire to manifest. Each session will build upon the previous one, continuing to focus on applying the necessary tools and resources to manifest the life you feel called to by live by making deliberate choices therefore experiencing more meaning, authenticity and purpose in your life.

How many sessions do I need?
A 6 to 9 month commitment to this life-changing process is necessary to integrate desired changes into your life and focuses on maintaining maximum action with the highest results.

What types of people do you coach?
My clients are people from all walks of life who want to create positive and powerful changes in their lives and live to their fullest potential. Whether you want to redefine the direction of your life, discover and live your life’s purpose, integrate spiritual values more fully into your daily experience or deepen your self understanding, you will learn how you can apply Life Purpose Coaching to every area of your life by taking deliberate action.

How do I schedule an appointment?
For additional details, or to schedule an appointment for a Life coaching assessment, please email me at Bambi@BambiCorso.com.