With over 38 years of dreamwork experience and an extreme passion and belief in the healing power and wisdom of dreams, I have developed a method of working with dreams called DreamTracking™.

DreamTracking™ is an approach of working with our night time dreams in which we begin to observe and track the movements of our dream images showing us where and how they are informing our current life situations, whether mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.  As images present themselves in dreams, they leave imprints upon our inner landscape.  When we learn to work with these images in a way similar to the way we would use a compass, they become an internal navigation system helping to point us in the right direction.   Utilizing the innate wisdom that is present in our dream visitations, we become more authentic, more purposeful, and more deeply connected to all of life.

To track a dream is not an attempt to capture the dream by imposing an interpretation upon it.  Instead, DreamTracking™ is living out the ever expanding journey inward by scouting the territory of our personal wilderness and learning to understand ourselves and our world through ongoing dreamwork and dreamplay.

DreamTracking™ is about exploration and the way in which our attention to dreams and images is expanded, sights and sounds are magnified and all the senses are at a heightened level of awareness.  Following the tracks of our dreams shows us where we are on, or off track in our lives, where decisions are calling to be made, how to be more true to ourselves and how to live with a deeper sense of calling and purpose.

If you are interested in learning more please contact me at Bambi@BambiCorso.com.