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Passionate about dreamwork since her early teens, Bambi has been journaling and working with her own dreams for over 40 years. She is the author of DreamTracking: Track Your Dreams and Transform Your Life. She was a review editor for The Dream Network Magazine for nine years and is a contributing author for the book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career along with experts including Tory Johnson, Laura DeCarlo, Brian Tracy and others. Bambi is also a Law of Attraction Certified Coach and was trained and certified by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D. in DreamTending.

Choice and Decision Dreams


Choice and decision dreams are ones in which you find yourself on bridges, at intersections or faced with forks in the road. They can also appear as some other image that gets you from here

Choice and Decision Dreams2021-06-17T16:06:57-07:00

Visitations from the Deceased in Dreams


Over the years, I have worked with dozens of people who feel they’ve had visitations from the deceased in dreams, loved ones who have passed over. One question I get asked is, “Can our loved

Visitations from the Deceased in Dreams2021-03-31T16:19:55-07:00

DreamTracking: The Importance of Journaling Your Dreams


DreamTracking is the process of journaling your dreams and tracking your images for the purpose of connecting to the Sacred within and around you. It is that inner place illuminated by the ever present flicker

DreamTracking: The Importance of Journaling Your Dreams2020-01-12T11:45:03-07:00

Dreams and Synchronicities


“Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible.” ~Rumi Whether you are in alignment with life and going with its flow, or out of alignment and paddling against

Dreams and Synchronicities2018-07-22T15:16:04-07:00

Taking Action in Honor of Your Dreams


In all the years I have been working with my own dreams and the dreams of others, I know that dreams are truly here to help us, to provide guidance, insight and information. They come

Taking Action in Honor of Your Dreams2018-05-04T09:48:06-07:00

How To Work With Dream Settings


One of the many ways to work with dreams is to pay attention to your dream settings, meaning the places you find yourself in during the dream itself. Settings can give you important clues when

How To Work With Dream Settings2018-05-04T10:36:41-07:00

The Benefits of Tending to Our Dreams


At the age of 15, I journaled my first dream, and ever since then, dreams have become a love and passion in my life. Over the years of doing dreamwork, I have learned why it is

The Benefits of Tending to Our Dreams2018-05-04T10:40:06-07:00

The Gift Hidden Within Disappointment


As I’m sure many of you know, I enjoy writing articles that allow us to view life through another perspective, one that expands our thinking and allows us to see opportunities and open doors where

The Gift Hidden Within Disappointment2011-05-25T15:02:31-07:00
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