4-Week Introduction to DreamTracking™:  In this teleclass we explore the nature of dreams, common dream themes and how to effectively remember and journal your dreams. You will learn how to start working with your own dreams and begin the journey of tracking your own evolving images.
DreamTracking™ Session:  In a pre-scheduled 1-hour phone call, Bambi will help you decipher the information and messages that present themselves in your dream.  She will help you understand what the dream is communicating and how to incorporate that information into your waking life to get the most out of your dreamwork.
One-On-One Life Coaching Sessions: With over 27 years of corporate experience, Bambi’s passion is helping other transitioning professionals to begin living the life they feel called to live, just as she has. Bambi gives her clients tools to listen to their inner wisdom and intuition in order to chart the path that most resonates with them and is known for her ability to listen deeply and see the bigger story that is playing out in her clients lives.
Public Speaking and Training:  Hire Bambi for local or out-of-state seminars and workshops where she will present information about DreamTracking™.

For more information and pricing, please contact Bambi at Bambi@BambiCorso.com.

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