Are you struggling with how to invite the right person into your life to create a healthy, happy, long term relationship? Well then, you are not alone. Whether you are currently in a relationship that isn’t quite what you want or are single and looking to meet that right person, you may find yourself questioning why it is that you keep attracting the wrong kind of person or why that special someone hasn’t shown up in your life yet.

Remembering that the Law of Attraction is always at work in our lives, we can begin to take some personal inventory about where we actually are in relation to where we want to be when it comes to finding that right person and relationship. Manifesting our desires begins with clarity, not only about what it is that we want in a partner, but also clarity about what areas of ourselves may be keeping us from manifesting this person in our life.

What I often see in my coaching practice is that instead of people focusing on what they do want in an ideal partner, they spend their time focusing on what they don’t want only to have more of what they don’t want continuously show up. This is why clarity is crucial as the first part of the manifestation process because clarity leaves no room for confusion. People who find that they are not manifesting the right person in their lives may also find that they have been putting out unclear messages, therefore, getting unclear results.

One should also notice if he or she is operating from limiting beliefs or fears around finding the right person as this is something they may not even be aware that they’re doing. Remember that the Law of Attraction is creating our current reality, whether we’re doing it consciously or unconsciously, so better to operate from a conscious mindset than to allow those unknown factors to choose for us.

Another thing to watch for is how you “feel” about meeting the right person. Are you happy and excited about the process or does it feel like a lot of hard work and a chore? The higher your vibration about the process, by making it a fun and joyful experience, the easier it will be.

So if you are someone who is interested in attracting the “right” person into your life, then please go through the questions below to better understand yourself as you begin this journey.

Start by asking yourself:

~ What do I want?
I suggest you get very clear about everything you want in this person, what the specifics are including what you want emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Focus only on what you want, instead of focusing on what you don’t want. I suggest you write these things down on paper because writing things down makes them very real and gives them solidity.

~ Have I spent time with myself discovering how I am growing in ways that will prepare me to have the relationship I desire?
In other words, have you done the transitional work first to be ready for the relationship you want to manifest? If you are aware of the areas within yourself that need some work, have you taken the steps necessary to correct those things? If not, what steps can you take now to do so?

~ What fears do I have around manifesting this person in my life?
Realizing that you have underlying fears about finding this right person can be very liberating because then you can do something about them. Examples of fears one might have are, “love is painful”, “I am afraid of being hurt again”, “nobody will ever love me until I lose this weight or find a better job” – you can fill in the blank. These fears place an energetic field around you that says, “I don’t really believe I can have what I want” or “I’m not worthy of love”. And because fear is an energy, as you send out this vibration (knowingly or unknowingly), that is what comes back to you. This process requires that we be very honest with ourselves and if needed, take the steps necessary to become a vibrational match to what and who we want.

Remember, the biggest steps we can take are becoming conscious of the thoughts we are thinking and therefore the energy we are sending out. Then, we can make corrections to those things energetically and emotionally to manifest what we desire.